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How can Instructional Designers become effective Copywriters?

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Introduction to Instructional Design and Copywriting: Instructional Design is a systemic and systematic process adopted by Human Performance Technology (HPT/HPI) practitioners using the ADDIE model to design both non-instructional (job aids/EPSS) and instructional (scenario-based learning/e-Learning/ILT/VILT) performance improvement interventions based on […]

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The 10 HPT Standards based on four ISPI principles that assist HPT practitioners to succeed as Entrepreneurs in the 21st century.

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This is a self-reflection of the real-life projects completed for real clients by student teams during the past two years of the rigorous M.S. program in OPWL at Boise State University. The M.S. program is well-structured to help graduate students […]

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The ‘What’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ of Millennial/Inter-generational Consulting.

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The ‘What’ of Millennial Consulting: Millennial consulting or Inter-generational consulting is an emerging HPT concept that deals with assisting organizations to restructure the workers’ mindset, work, work process, and organizational structure to successfully achieve their strategic business goals by leveraging […]