The Consultant's Brief Bio.

Sujatha Jagdeep
M.Sc., M.Ed., M.S. (OPWL)

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The Human Behind Huformance Tech Consulting

Sujatha Jagdeep is an Human Performance Technology (HPT) professional who is passionate about workplace performance improvement. She holds graduate degrees in both Biology and Education from India, along with an experience of over nine years as an Educator at various levels in both India and the U.S.A.

She graduated with an M.S. degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) from Boise State University, ID, U.S.A, in fall 2016. Her team worked in collaboration with client organizations such as the U.S.C.G and an Aerospace Industry by incorporating various HPT models such as the ADDIE Model, Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Model of Evaluation, Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method, Langdon’s Language of Work Model, Gilbert’s BEM, and adult learning theories. They have provided both customized non-training and training performance improvement interventions to assist the employees of client organizations to achieve their strategic business goals.

She always ensures to improve her own performance to achieve the strategic business goal of her consultancy by being a lifelong learner. She recently pursued professional development courses in Essentials of ADDIE Model, SAM, Agile, and more …, Essentials of Game Design, and obtained the Consulting Skills Certificate from ATD. She has also obtained the Level 1-Gamification Apprentice Certification and Level 2-Gamification Journeyman Certification from Sententia Games. She has developed interrelated skills in Visual Design, Graphic Design, and User Interface Design, along with a bit of coding. In fact, she designed the professional website for Huformance Tech Consulting with the assistance of Codrops, YouTube videos, and online tutorials from

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Resume of Sujatha Jagdeep